New colleagues offer Battier tips of the trade

Shane Battier recently retired from the NBA’s Miami Heat, and returns to the college game that got him started on a career that led to multiple championships and awards on both levels. Battier will provide insights and analysis across ESPN’s men’s college basketball extensive studio programming and on select games from various top conferences (specific assignments are to be determined) as part of a multi-year agreement.

ESPN’s in-house coaches – Dan Dakich, Fran Fraschilla and Seth Greenberg – offer the former Duke star advice on how to transition from on the court into the studio.


Dan Dakich – Shane, you have a completely different insight than anyone on television. Use it, and don’t shy away from the microphone, dominate it! Have a blast and let people see your sense of humor. Unlike a lot of “Dukies,” it doesn’t look like you take yourself so seriously, so let us see that. You are going to be a great addition to ESPN.



Fran Fraschilla – Shane, you were the ultimate thinking man’s player, and I know you will provide ESPN viewers with incredible access and discovery into the world of college basketball. You shouldn’t be afraid to forecast what you think will happen in a game. Your vast array of experience will allow you to do that.



Seth Greenberg – Shane, you played for a hall of fame coach in college and were part of a world class championship organization with the best player in the world – so, draw on and share the lessons you learned with the viewer. Bring the fan inside your vast experiences that made you one of the most successful and respected players in both college and the NBA.

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