ESPN Careers relaunches website, updating features with mobile users in mind

ESPN Careers website (ESPN)
Are you following ESPN Careers’ social pages for hot jobs, in-depth insight into ESPN culture and what it is like to “BeHere”?


If you’ve visited the ESPN Careers site lately, you might have noticed a lot has changed on the page.

The site’s facelift features more than just a sleeker design; there is increased interactivity, a “Career Control Room,” responsive design technology (accessible on any device) and in-depth information on ESPN’s career opportunities.

“Mobile accessibility was the primary driver for our redesign, as research was showing us that our next generation of applicants are accessing content on mobile platforms versus desktop computers,” said Kristen McKenna, senior director, Talent Acquisition. “It was a great opportunity to refresh our look and content.”

The “Career Control Room” feature allows users to identify roles that fit their skills and experience. By selecting traits (“practical,” “creative,” “efficient,” to name a few), the site prompts the user to explore career areas that have the potential to be a great fit.

Prospective employees can also get a firsthand glance into life at ESPN through “BeHere,” a user-generated site where current employees upload photos and videos to share their experiences. Users can see what life is like on the road or in a control room or which state parks and day trips are available in the area. This content is a helpful glimpse for those considering relocation to ESPN’s headquarters in Bristol, Conn.

“The biggest benefits of the new site are easier navigation and accessibility on all platforms,” said McKenna. “The ‘Search Careers’ option is now prominent on every page, where previously it was easy to get lost in the clicks and folds of the site.”

Even if you’ve already checked out the redesigned ESPN Careers site, be sure to visit frequently for additional updates, including an exclusive VIP tour around campus, a fully integrated and responsive job search tool and more. 

Editor’s note: The new site has been designed using the latest and greatest web technologies. Please consider upgrading your browser or view on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE9+ for the best experience.

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