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Paul Finebaum interviews International Space Station astronaut, SEC Network fan

Aboard the International Space Station, Capt. Barry Wilmore talked SEC football on "The Paul Finebaum" show earlier today on the SEC Network. (SEC Network)
Aboard the International Space Station, Capt. Barry Wilmore talked SEC football on The Paul Finebaum Show earlier today on the SEC Network. (SEC Network)

Like many SEC fans around the country, Barry Wilmore vocalized his interest in being able to watch SEC Network, which debuted in August. Unlike many SEC fans – or any that we are aware of – Wilmore planned to be watching it from outer space.


Capt. Barry Wilmore is a NASA astronaut. On Sept. 25, he was launched into space to assume command of the International Space Station. Prior to leaving on this space mission, he made a request to NASA for access to watch SEC Network.

Paul Finebaum interviewed Wilmore – who is still in orbit – today. Part of the interview will air on The Paul Finebaum Show today around 6 p.m. ET – the show airs from 3-7 p.m. – on SEC Network. It’s the latest in a number of ESPN telecasts involving orbiting astronauts, but a first for SEC Network.

“Many of my guests are certainly ‘out there’, but I can honestly say that this will be the first time I have ever had a caller from space,” Finebaum said.

Wilmore is from Mt. Juliet, Tenn. and is a former college football player at Tennessee Tech who did graduate work at the University of Tennessee. He will be discussing the upcoming Alabama at Tennessee football game among other SEC topics with Finebaum.

“The coolest part of the project so far has been working with NASA on the timing,” said SEC Network coordinating producer Pete Watters. “Every week they’ve narrowed down the window. What started as a broad three-hour frame is now down to 15 minutes based on the prediction of the earth’s rotation and their orbit.”

Besides the preview airing during The Paul Finebaum Show today, a sneak peek will air again on SEC Now Friday (7 p.m.). The full interview will air exclusively on SEC Nation, Saturday (10-noon ET), on the intergalactic SEC Network.

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