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Spain & Prim on ESPN Radio moves to the Super Bowl for its second show

(L-R) ESPN Radio’s Sarah Spain and ESPN reporter and analyst Prim Siripipat. (ESPN Images)
(L-R) ESPN Radio’s Sarah Spain and ESPN reporter and analyst Prim Siripipat.

Last weekend, espnW’s and ESPN Radio’s Sarah Spain and ESPN reporter and analyst Prim Siripipat debuted their new ESPN Radio show, espnW Presents: Spain & Prim on ESPN Radio (Saturdays, noon – 2 p.m. ET). Tomorrow, the two will be at the site of Super Bowl XLIX for their second show, and they chatted with Front Row about their premiere, the atmosphere in Arizona and their expectations for the show.

How did you feel after your debut show and what reaction did you receive?
SS: The first show flew by! We got mostly great feedback on social media and from ESPN folks. It was especially nice to hear from people who said they weren’t sure what to expect or if they’d like it, but ended up really enjoying the show.

PS: The experience was amazing. For our first show, the dynamic between Sarah and I came naturally. Chemistry cannot be forced, and I think we have it. It was so much fun to just let it rip and talk sports with another woman who shares the same passion.

The amount of support we’ve received has been overwhelming and wonderfully surprising. It’s giving us the fuel we need to move forward knowing we are on the right track and hopefully, blazing a trail in the sports world.


What has been your experience in Arizona so far?
SS: This year has been decidedly less stressful than years past, as I’m not balancing quite so many balls at once (insert Deflategate joke here). It’s been a nice mix of crazy and lots of time spent writing for espnW.

PS: I arrived around 2 a.m. ET this morning. On my way in, I missed my connection in Philadelphia by two minutes, almost lost my luggage, lost a credit card, got into Arizona five hours later than I expected, went to bed around 4 a.m., discovered that my new laptop isn’t working, and it’s raining here in Arizona. So far, it’s going really well!

What can fans expect from Spain & Prim going forward?
SS: We’ll keep talking about the biggest sports news of the day and give our unique take on serious issues and the funny, absurd stories you may not have heard about. As we get more comfortable with each other, the conversation will flow even better. Prim may even start to catch my movie quotes!

PS: A very unique sports dynamic and conversation. Storytelling. Depth. Energy. Fun. Authenticity. Prim and plenty of not-so-proper moments.

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