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The Lineup: Nine ESPN/Nashville connections

College basketball analysts Dick Vitale, Sean Farnham and reporter Kaylee Hartung will be guest presenters at the Grand Ole Opry this weekend.

(Grand Ole Opry)
(Photo courtesy Grand Ole Opry)

This weekend, ESPN’s Dick Vitale, Sean Farnham and Kaylee Hartung will step out onto the hardwood that has played host to the biggest country music acts from the past 90 years – the Grand Ole Opry. It won’t be the first time ESPN and country music have shared the same stage, and it won’t be the last.

“Country music is a storytelling forum with great imagery,” said Kevin Wilson, ESPN Music Director. “It lines up with the core of what we are trying to do with our highlights, features and shows.”

ESPN’s history is laced with country artists. In honor of our trip to Nashville this week for the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament, we’ve pulled a few of those moments from our ESPN Images vault.

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