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Disney and ESPN Media Networks at INTX 2015

Disney and ESPN Media Networks welcomed attendees from across the industry to its executive suite (L-R: James Zasowski, Nicole Guanlao, Bruce Jackson and Lauren Morrissey) at the Internet and Television Expo (INTX) hosted by the NCTA. Programmers, distributors, technology companies and more gathered for the three-day event in Chicago on May 5-7, 2015.

(Katina Arnold/ESPN)
(Katina Arnold/ESPN)

This week, Disney and ESPN Media Networks participated in the annual Internet and Television Expo (INTX) – formerly known as the Cable Show – hosted by the NCTA in Chicago. Throughout the three-day event, quality content, innovative products, industry-leading services and executives from across the company were featured in exhibits, presentations, talk sessions and honorary awards. Front Row captured some of the highlights of its presence at the show.

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