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LeBron James’ headband finally gets his say in ‘30 for 30 Seconds,’ a Cavs’ spoof

Impressive that they got the headband to do an interview, but the reenactments at the bar with the headband felt a little staged.
Andy Billman, ESPN Films, on “The Headband”

LeBron James brought back an old friend and fashion accessory for Game 2 of the Cleveland Cavaliers-Chicago Bulls NBA Eastern Conference semifinals series on Wednesday night – his signature headband.

He had not been seen wearing it since a March 7 game against Phoenix. But for Game 2, James brought the headband out of his locker and scored a game-high 33 points to lead the Cavs to a 106-91 victory, evening the series at 1-1.

Cavs social media, noticing all the commotion about the headband’s whereabouts, produced a short piece spoofing ESPN Films’ acclaimed 30 for 30 documentary series.

The result is, as the voice-over announces, “a 30-for-30-second film, ‘The Headband.'” Watch the epic about “Terry,” which features a silent cameo from ESPN’s Cavs and NBA reporter Dave McMenamin (@mcten) [see sidebar] and singer Michael Bolton on the “soundtrack,” in the tweet embedded above.

What’s the take from ESPN Films?

ESPN Films Executive Producer and Cleveland native Andy Billman said, jokingly: “Impressive that they got the headband to do an interview, but the reenactments at the bar with the headband felt a little staged. Also, the director should have used Bonnie [Mrs. Headband] more in the film. Her courage and passion left me wondering more about her story.”

Perhaps Billman, who is working on a 30 for 30 about Cleveland sports, can include Bonnie in the forthcoming doc.

Watch James, his headband and the Cavs take on the Bulls in Game 3 on Friday (ESPN/WatchESPN, 8 p.m. ET) as part of an NBA On ESPN playoffs doubleheader.

What's it like being on the 'big screen' with LeBron and 'Terry'?
ESPN's Dave McMenamin's cameo in "The Headband" caught him by surprise.
ESPN’s Dave McMenamin’s cameo in “The Headband” caught him by surprise.

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin got his share of ribbing when the Cleveland Cavaliers put “The Headband” on the giant scoreboard screen in Quicken Loans Arena on Wednesday night.

He’s taking his stardom in stride.

“I didn’t know they were using me in the piece. Nobody told me,” he said. “The Cavs have the biggest Jumbotron in the league — they call it the “Humungotron” — and they aired the video on it during a first-quarter timeout. And there was my mug: 30-feet tall by 55-feet wide.”

The commotion about the headband “is silly, let’s be honest, but I appreciated the Cavs mocking how ridiculous it all is.

“But it is kind of a fun thing for the fans, especially young fans, to notice. It’s like caring about the accessories your action figure comes with. Some of the other media razzed me about being in it and a Cavs staffer even suggested the video folks were trolling me a bit by including me as the reporter representative, but I was fine with it. It’s in line with my sense of humor. I shared the link to the video on my Facebook for my friends and family to see.”

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