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SEC Now commentators would have field days with “Takeover”

For the next two weeks, SEC Network will allow each school in the Southeastern Conference to select what airs on the network all day long – in effect, a “Takeover.” Front Row wondered what our SEC experts would choose to air if given similar opportunities. So we asked SEC Now hosts Dari Nowkhah, Maria Taylor and Peter Burns:

I would run SEC Now in the morning, no doubt. Then, give me games. I want the three best games of this past SEC football season followed by the three best basketball games. After that, the best moments from baseball, softball and other sports, but you’ll have to cut the games down a bit. We don’t need every play. We want to make sure we leave enough of my “Due to time constraints, we move ahead to further action” moments in there as well.

I would love to watch a show centered around a new coach as he or she builds a program in the league. The first episode would follow the coach from the day he or she steps off the plane in the new school. Then, I would play an “MTV Cribs” episode for all of the head football coaches in the league. I want to see how many school polos and school-colored ties are in their closets and how big the largest big screen is.

I would round out the night with a new show called SEC Roast. Basically we put the mic in the hands of the players and let them make fun of and roast their head coaches. Each school would have a 30-minute episode and any sport can participate. Imagine having [USC head football coach] Steve Spurrier and [USC head women’s basketball coach] Dawn Staley player-inspired imitations in the same show. Instant Classic!

Burns (Editor’s Note: Always the overachiever, Burns submitted an hour-by-hour schedule):
7 a.m.
Even if I’m not on the show, I wake up to SEC Now. A great way to start of the day and find out exactly what happened around the conference the night before.

9 a.m.
The Press Box w/ Peter Burns
A quick, hour-long tour of all 14 schools and what’s going on with the biggest story of the day at each school.

10 a.m.
The Ben McDonald Hunting & Fishing Show
I can listen to Ben [an SEC Network baseball analyst] talk about anything, but if you put him in a deer blind or bass boat, I’m hooked.

The Steve Spurrier Golf Show
Basically, I just want to be the producer of this show. Follow Spurrier around to all the golf courses in the Southeast, watch him tee it up with the legends of the conference.

1 p.m.
The Marcus Spears Cooking Show
Marcus [an SEC Network football analyst] + Food + Open Mic = Gold.

2 p.m.
Paul Finebaum: Green Room
We would air all of the pre-show production meeting for The Paul Finebaum Show. An all-access look into Paul’s world of radio.

3 p.m.
The Paul Finebaum Show. It could never be replaced.

7-10 p.m.
SEC Game of the Night
That’s the beauty of the SEC, almost every night there is an incredible game. If it’s two SEC teams doing battle, I’m watching.

10 p.m.
The best way to end the night. (Of course, I’m biased)

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