Designer Max Mara dresses MNF’s Lisa Salters to the nines

Monday Night Football sideline reporter Lisa Salters has much to think about and prepare for going into her first game of the season (ESPN, Sept. 14, 6:55 p.m. ET), but the clothing she wears is not included in that list.

For the ninth year, stylist Cynthia Gardner and luxury Italian fashion group Max Mara have worked with ESPN to outfit MNF’s sideline reporter for the 16-week season.

“Our relationship with ESPN and MNF is especially meaningful because it permits us to work with a sector of the population we do not typically touch,” notes Maria Giulia Maramotti, Max Mara US Retail Director and Global Brand Ambassador. “Lisa embodies the essence of the ultimate Max Mara woman — intelligent, confident, powerful, savvy and stylish.”

Gardner adds: “Women of all ages can relate to Lisa. She radiates warmth, intelligence and an inner beauty that pulls you in… While I’m slightly partial, Lisa is the best-dressed woman in sports television.”

Gardner – who also serves as Katie Couric’s personal stylist – describes the Max Mara fabric as the best Italy has to offer. She selects outfits based on Salters’ personal style while taking into consideration changes in weather during the football season and the locations where MNF games will be played. Gardner and Salters met for a fitting at Max Mara’s New York City showroom in July to finalize the selections.

“[Max Mara has] taken interest in MNF and me, and I appreciate that and I definitely don’t take it for granted,” Salters said. “It is my privilege to be able to wear their clothes.”

Salters describes the Max Mara line as clean and elegant. She also says the coats – which generate the most Twitter and Facebook comments – keep her warm for hours at a time while she’s reporting from the sidelines during ESPN’s pregame shows and throughout MNF during the late fall and winter months.

“Every time that camera comes on, I feel elegant and I feel like I look my best. And when you feel good, you work well,” Salters explains. “I always love what I’m wearing.”

Editor’s Note: In 2015, Brooks Brothers will again provide the men’s clothing for MNF’s Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden.

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