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#TBT: A different Mike on ESPN Audio’s “Mike & Mike Junior” podcast

(left c/o Christine Golic; right Joe Faraoni/ESPN)
(L) From the 1990s, Mike Golic watches as Mike Golic Jr. attempts a punt; (R) Golic father and son record their new podcasts for ESPN Audio.
(Photo at left courtesy Christine Golic; photos right, Joe Faraoni/ESPN)

In the Throwback Thursday photo on the left above, Mike Golic of the Philadelphia Eagles watches his son, Mike Jr., attempt – without success – a punt.

“I knew right then and there he would be an offensive lineman,” said Golic, co-host of ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike. “He had no athletic ability.”

Today, dad and son are teaming on a new offering from ESPN Audio – the Mike & Mike Junior podcast.

Father and son actually produce two podcasts that are posted every Wednesday, one focusing on the college game and one on the NFL. On both – as with Golic and Mike Greenberg on ESPN Radio and ESPN2 – they play off their differences to enliven the conversation for the listener.

“What works with podcasts is focused content the listener can consume when, where and how they want,” said Pete Gianesini, ESPN Audio’s senior director, digital audio content.

Learn more about the Golics by visiting Front Row’s Facebook page.
Earlier today on Mike & Mike, Mike Golic downed dozens of doughnuts on a dare.

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