Jordan Rodgers joins SEC Network

Former Vanderbilt quarterback Jordan Rodgers is joining SEC Network, ESPN’s television channel devoted to the Southeastern Conference, this fall. He will provide college football commentary as a studio analyst.

SEC Network host Dari Nowkhah (left) talks football with new college football studio analyst Jordan Rodgers.
SEC Network host Dari Nowkhah (left) talks with new college football studio analyst Jordan Rodgers.

“We began planning for the upcoming college football season in February and Jordan was one of our first calls,” said ESPN Senior Vice President Stephanie Druley. “He had a unique perspective as a quarterback at Vanderbilt University and we were immediately impressed with his intelligence and passion for the game.”

Rodgers played at Vanderbilt from 2010-2012 and was the first quarterback in team history to make back-to-back postseason bowl appearances.

“I’ve devoted my life to football,” Rodgers said. “I was never the most talented player on the field. I had to work hard for it and sharing those experiences and that knowledge is my new focus.”

Jordan is most recently known for his participation in ABC’s The Bachelorette.

“We first interviewed Jordan in March and he auditioned in May, before The Bachelorette had begun airing,” Druley said. “We were struck by the clarity of his thought and strong, thoughtful opinion on the many layers of college football.”

His first day on the job is scheduled for Aug. 23 on SEC Network’s sports news and information show, SEC Now.

“I’ve spent the summer studying in preparation for the football season,” Rodgers said. “Part of the job is based on personal experience, but knowing the rosters, stats and dynamics of 14 teams and their opponents every week is the work aspect.”

Rodgers joins a studio talent line-up that includes Heisman winner Tim Tebow, two-time Super Bowl champion Booger McFarland, national championship-winning quarterback Greg McElroy, national championship-winning lineman at LSU and Dallas Cowboys Marcus Spears, as well as hosts Dari Nowkhah, Peter Burns, Laura Rutledge and Paul Finebaum.

Jordan Rodgers (11), seen here in action from the 2012 season, is a former star quarterback at Vanderbilt (Allen Kee/ESPN Images)
Jordan Rodgers (11), seen here in action from the 2012 season, is a former star quarterback at Vanderbilt. (Allen Kee/ESPN Images)


  1. jordan will be an awesome addition to sec network. People can hate all they want but let me just tell you a story or a young girl (me) who went through 22 years of season tickets with 2 wins at the end and then Jordan comes in and gave me the best year of my life! I mean remember the ole miss vandy game when he through that td to matthews. I happily made that trip and saw in live and then 2 weeks later the tennessee upset in nashville will go down in my history book as the greatest day EVER! over my wedding day whatever that day was awesome. Jordan was an exceptional quarterback so i just want to say….Thank You jordan for your time at vandy i dont know if will ever see those days again so Thank You


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