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It’s a lock: Josina Anderson makes good on #SanchezBet

Josina Anderson sports a bald cap on His & Hers.
Josina Anderson sports a bald cap on His & Hers.

On Aug. 5, NFL Insider Josina Anderson made an appearance on ESPN2’s His & Hers. While discussing the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos and their options at quarterback, she made a remark that caught some attention.

She declared that if veteran Mark Sanchez was not the team’s starting quarterback for Week One – ahead of 2015 seventh- round pick Trevor Siemian and rookie Paxton Lynch, she would cut off her hair.

Surprisingly, that scenario played out this week as the Broncos named Siemian their starter. As a payoff to the bet, Anderson wore a bald cap on Thursday’s His & Hers and other ESPN shows. She then trimmed her long locks by some eight inches and also playfully engaged with fans using the Twitter hashtag #SanchezBet.

Anderson discussed her bold claim with Front Row and how fans have reacted.

How confident were you when you made this statement?
First, this wasn’t anything that was planned. I just thought to myself, there’s literally no way this can happen. You’re talking about a player who entered this season with six years of experience and two other prospects who have not thrown a pass in the regular season.


I was looking at the experience as my deciding factor and I was very confident about it. I still am because I think it’s a more sound coaching decision to have Mark Sanchez open the season. Not only are they the defending Super Bowl champions, they are opening the NFL season in front of a national audience against the Carolina Panthers and that defense. That is going to be a big test for anyone.

What was the reaction from fans once Siemian was named the starter?
It’s been an open session for viewers to offer their suggestions for how I should own up and pay off this bet. I’ve had people send me pictures of my face combined with [First Take’s] Stephen A. Smith. Some sent me video clips – of Angela Bassett getting her haircut in “Waiting to Exhale” and Natalie Portman getting her head shaved in “V for Vendetta.” I’ve gotten pictures of Salt-N-Pepa, Amber Rose, Mary J. Blige. You name it and it has pretty much come through my mentions on Twitter. I have also gotten some jovial ribbing from my colleagues. It has definitely been crazy.

Did you hear from the Broncos or the quarterbacks?
I made this bet over a team that I have covered for years. I have a lot of equity when it comes to them knowing me and my personality. They understand it was a good-natured bet. It’s not intended to down Trevor Siemian or anything like that. I had the opportunity to interview him in the locker room a few days after I said this. He was very gracious with the interview. He didn’t really say anything about it.

Mark Sanchez did send me a text that said, “Sorry about your hair.”



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