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ESPN Mexico and ESPN Deportes celebrate Semana de la Mujer on SportsCenter

For the sixth consecutive year, ESPN Deportes, ESPN in Mexico and ESPN Central America are celebrating Semana de la Mujer, “Ladies Week” (Oct. 10-14).

Semana de la Mujer brings together some of the networks’ top female on-air talent to take over SportsCenter and other studio programming in an effort to highlight women in sports and generate attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Last Monday, Front Row visited ESPN’s studios in Mexico City during a news conference with the female talent, to learn more about this special “Ladies Week.”

Carolina Padrón, Kary Correa and Vanessa Huppenkothen, the three anchors leading SportsCenter this week, share more about what this initiative means to them and their influence on women in the sports industry.

Diego Medina Riveroll produced the above video.

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