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SportsCenter on the Road at Gillette Stadium

Regardless of the 5 a.m. wake up call…the SportsCenter crew always arrives energized and ready to put on the show.

(Molly Mita/ESPN)
(Molly Mita/ESPN)

SportsCenter on the Road was live from Foxborough, Mass., on Sunday, Oct. 16, for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s first home game since his NFL suspension. SportsCenter’s Hannah Storm and ESPN NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi were there reporting on Brady’s return as well. The program also featured Storm’s “Face to Face” sit-down with Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

With a crowd of Patriots fans behind the set before the game against the Cincinnati Bengals, chanting the name of their beloved quarterback, it was a great day for fans and SportsCenter on the Road. “I really like being on the road for events like this,” said Bruschi, a former Patriots star. “To be able to get out of the studio and feel the energy here is unique.”

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