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SportsCenter’s Michele Steele grateful for Thanksgiving homecoming in Chicago

ESPN Reporter Michele Steele interviews Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford in preparation for tomorrow's Thanksgiving game vs. the Minnesota Vikings
Reporter Michele Steele interviews Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford in preparation for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving game versus the Minnesota Vikings. Coverage begins at 8 a.m. ET (Gregg Mullen/ESPN)

After spending three years in Boston and many more years on the East Coast, SportsCenter’s Michele Steele returned home to serve as a Chicago-based reporter; and the switch came just in time for the thrilling Chicago Cubs’ World Series victory and, this week, Thanksgiving with her family.

“I can’t think of a better assignment to begin my career in Chicago than covering the Cubs winning the World Series,” she said.

After the Cubs win timed perfectly with Steele’s return home, many sports fans asked if the lucky reporter would come to their cities too. Unfortunately for those sports fans, Steele is excited to be home and doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon.

“The best part of being in Chicago is being able to make contributions to SportsCenter coverage across all platforms in a market that is home to me. It’s rare for athletes to play in their hometown — and rare for reporters too,” said Steele, a graduate of the University of Illinois. “It’s great to have a home base that’s geographically relevant no matter the sport, no matter the season.”

Being more centrally located, Steele can easily travel to cover some of the biggest games and events. In fact, this Thanksgiving she will be providing coverage from the Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions game from Ford Field.

“After turkey and stuffing, the Detroit Lions are up there when it comes to Thanksgiving Day traditions. It’s a game that won’t just have a ton of eyeballs, but also gives Detroit the opportunity to take a huge step in the NFC North with a win,” Steele said. “How does [quarterback Matthew] Stafford perform against a re-energized Vikings pass rush? Which run game shows up? Plus, it’s the early game, so I’ll be able to make it home to Chicago in time for a late dinner with my family. Gobble, gobble and whatnot!”

Steele is grateful to be able to cover football and celebrate Thanksgiving with her family, a holiday that is easily her favorite.

“My favorite Thanksgiving memory is every Thanksgiving,” she said. “It’s my favorite holiday because it’s about eating, being grateful and football. What’s not to like?”

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