ESPN’s NFL team sports diverse roster

ESPN leaders in every corner of the company talk about the importance of diversity, and they back up words with action. One example is ESPN’s NFL team, where gender diversity on studio crews and Monday Night Football is the norm.

More than 30 women – among them directors and decision-makers, producers and storytellers, TV veterans and longtime NFL fans – are vital to the company’s year-round coverage of the NFL.

“At this company, it is our collective belief that diversity makes us better,” said Seth Markman, ESPN senior coordinating producer, NFL studio shows. “In addition to the female commentators our viewers see on air, there are many women behind-the-scenes who are an integral part of what we do each and every day.”

Added ESPN Vice President, Production, and MNF producer Jay Rothman: “We work tirelessly to put together a dynamite and diverse team that sets the standard for the company and showcases the best of our staff’s talents. We are very proud that women represent a strong percentage of our production group and have a major impact in our show week to week.”

On a mission to serve sports fans, ESPNers have found the best way to do that is to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion.

“At ESPN, Diversity is about who’s on the team. Inclusion is about who gets to play. Gender diversity and the intentional inclusion of different perspectives in our storytelling bring added-value to a broader set of sports fans,” said ESPN’s Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion and Wellness Monica Diaz.

The slideshow above highlights many of the women behind-the-scenes on ESPN’s NFL team. Captions in this ESPN MediaZone collage explain why they love what they do and detail their day-to-day responsibilities and accomplishments that make them proud.

Jon McLeod produced the video above.

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