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SC6 segment producer Wilkins ready for shift from His & Hers

(L-R) Michael Smith, Talaya Wilkins and Jemele Hill will bring some of their His & Hers perspective to SportsCenter. (Photo courtesy of Talaya Wilkins)
(L-R) Michael Smith, Talaya Wilkins and Jemele Hill will bring some of their His & Hers perspective to SportsCenter. (Melissa Rawlins/ESPN Images))

Talaya Wilkins is one of three segment producers for SC6 with Michael and Jemele, hosted by Michael Smith and Jemele Hill, premiering tonight at 6 p.m. ET on ESPN. Wilkins also worked with Smith and Hill on their former show His & Hers. Wilkins gives some insight into what it’s like to work with the duo and how the transition has been.

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What do you enjoy most about working with Mike and Jemele?
I have been working with Mike and Jemele for about a year now and was honored to join them on “The Six.” I enjoy the creative freedom they have and the trust they have in me to do my job effectively. My ideas are heard. There is a level of respect between talent and producers. We have a genuine relationship, on-air and off. It’s like any team in sports. You have that camaraderie. I can break bread with them and have a professional dynamic with them as well.

What can viewers expect from “The Six” and how will that differ from what they experienced on His & Hers?
The beauty of it is, on air there really won’t be that much of a difference as far as Mike and Jemele’s personalities and their approach. They’re not changing who they are. Fans of His & Hers will recognize that and appreciate their genuine chemistry on “The Six.” For people that are new to the show, I think they will see an authentic relationship along with content that intersects sports, pop culture and race relations — the things that really matter to Mike and Jemele. They offer a fresh perspective backed by insightful information.

What is the dynamic like as the new staff comes together to create “The Six?”
From the outside looking in, it might look like we have a lot of cooks in the kitchen [laughs]. However, we’re extremely fortunate to have talented staff now that each individual can play to their strengths when tackling a specific assignment. It really increases the overall productivity of the show when each person has a defined role that they can be challenged by and really take ownership of.

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