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The team behind the scenes: ESPN Creative Services and Content Operations

Before and after shots of Chickie’s & Pete’s (site of First Take, Mike and Mike & Outside The Lines remotes)

(Jeremy Frankel/ESPN)
(Jeremy Frankel/ESPN)

NFL Draft coverage continues

Today and Saturday, ESPN continues its coverage of the 2017 NFL Draft live from the NFL Draft Theatre at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia. Second and third-round coverage begins tonight at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN and switches to ESPN2 at 8 p.m. ET. Coverage is also available on ESPN Radio. Visit ESPNMediaZone for more details.

The NFL Draft qualifies as a marquee event in the sports world. Fans – like the thousands gathered Thursday night in Philadelphia for the first round – flood the host city and millions more watch on TV in anticipation of every draft pick.

It should be no surprise that a now-gargantuan, annual affair requires a similarly large collaboration across ESPN’s production units throughout the day and night to make it all happen. For instance, this year Mike & Mike, First Take and Outside the Lines televised live shows from Chickie’s and Pete’s in Philadelphia around the draft (see above).

ESPN’s Studio Design and Development group is responsible for scouting possible locations that can accommodate production needs and look aesthetically pleasing on-air.

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