ESPN reaches new, multi-year deal with Cassidy Hubbarth

ESPN has reached a new, multi-year deal with one of its most versatile commentators, Cassidy Hubbarth.

Hubbarth, who joined ESPN as a digital commentator in 2010, has continued to evolve and expand her repertoire over the past seven years.

She has zeroed in on two of ESPN’s most significant properties – she’s a regular in-game reporter during NBA broadcasts and a regular studio host for ABC’s college football coverage. Hubbarth also will continue to be a key part of ESPN’s NBA Celebrity All-Star Game coverage.

Tim Corrigan, ESPN NBA senior coordinating producer: “Cassidy is interested, knowledgeable and inquisitive about the NBA. Her passion and commitment to our coverage is obvious and it has created many opportunities for her. It’s been fun to see Cassidy’s natural progression over the years.”

The Chicagoan, whose passion, wit and relatability makes her a must-follow on social media, (@CassidyHubbarth), has also shown her adaptability by contributing to NBA Countdown, Mike & Mike and Baseball Tonight in recent years.

Upon Hubbarth’s re-signing with ESPN, Front Row caught up with the Northwestern alum to discuss her new deal.

What was your initial reaction to reaching this new deal with ESPN?
Grateful and proud. It’s been a road-less-traveled journey for me at ESPN, hired as a part-time digital anchor back in 2010, working my way through digital to television, finding my way through different shows, schedules and sleep patterns. And, while I don’t feel as if I have arrived, this deal gave me the feeling like I have finally found my way.

Why were you interested in continuing with ESPN?
I’ve been lucky to have worked on a number of shows at ESPN, but specifically, these last four years where I have found a home with the NBA and college football, I also feel like I have found my voice. To be a part of our coverage of two of the biggest and most exciting leagues in sports, is certainly not lost on me. And our coverage specifically, on both the NBA and college football is the best. So my interest to cover my two favorite sports, with the company who does it the best, is pretty self-explanatory.

How has your experience been this season in a heavier in-game reporting role?
It’s been a mix of “They ain’t gonna ROOK ME!” and man, do I have a lot to learn. For the majority of my career, I’ve been a house cat, staying indoors in the comfort of a studio. I am comfortable as a studio host. Specifically last year, I have never had more confidence in my ability or knowledge of my craft. This year, however, has been all about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. You could count on your hands how many times I had done sidelines before this season, but I have the confidence to do the job because I know the NBA and I know the game. It’s been an adjustment to the atmosphere, to the role, to the travel but now after a full season on the sidelines, I am excited to build off of everything I’ve learned.

What has made you embrace the multi-platform content approach so vigorously?
I can go into a whole rant about how quickly our business is changing every day and if you don’t find ways to keep up it’s going to pass you by, but the real reason is because I am a fan. My passion for not only my job but as a sports fan is what drives me to indulge in multiple platforms. While I am a professional, I will always be a fan and I’m just fortunate I’m allowed to express my passion for the game in a multitude of ways that some people, outside of my mom, may pay attention to.

Cassidy Hubbarth (second from right) poses with her family at a Chicago Bulls game. (Photo courtesy of Cassidy Hubbarth/ESPN)
Cassidy Hubbarth (second from right) poses with her family at a Chicago Bulls game.
(Photo courtesy of Cassidy Hubbarth/ESPN)
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