Intern Chronicles

Intern Chronicles: First Impressions

Now in the third week of their summer internship experience, ESPN’s newest additions already have a taste of what it’s like to work for the company. Front Row interviewed four interns, all from different departments on the Bristol, Conn., campus, to learn about their early impressions, what their first assignments have entailed and what they’re most looking forward to about their work this summer.

Rusheel Shah, Mobile Engineering Intern, Case Western Reserve University

Why did you decide to intern at ESPN this summer?
One of the big reasons I chose ESPN is because like so many of us, sports are a huge passion and a huge impact in all of our lives. There’s no better place, no better facility, no better company where you an immerse yourself in something that you’re passionate about and be surrounded by a whole network of amazing people.

Jordan Dajani, Social Media Production Intern, University of Tennessee

What was your impression of the Bristol campus on your first day?
It is really, really, really nice. It’s like a small college campus. It really was like a dream come true to tour the facilities and see all of the studios where they shoot the shows that you’ve spent so much time in your life watching. It was a really exciting day for me and it’s something I won’t ever forget.

Brett Thompson, Production Intern, University of North Carolina

What was your reaction when you were offered your ESPN internship position?
It was a moment I’ll never forget, getting that phone call on a Monday afternoon. I think it was a week after UNC had won the national championship, so I was already on a little bit of a high. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I couldn’t wait to hang up and tell all my friends and family I was going to be in Bristol because that’s the dream job.

Kaila Burns-Heffner, Editorial Intern, Clemson University

How was your first week on the job?
My first week at ESPN was really cool because I came in on a closing week for ESPN The Magazine. I got to see everything that happens when a magazine is getting ready to be sent through the publishing system. It was great to see everyone editing, working together and making everything work for this issue.

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