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“Team Player”: Jalen Rose with Harlan Endelman

(L-R) Co-host David Jacoby, producer Harlan Endelman and co-host Jalen Rose work together on Jalen & Jacoby for ESPN Radio. (Photo courtesy of Harlan Endelman/ESPN)
Harlan Endelman, Jalen & Jacoby producer, on working with Jalen Rose:
“Jalen is easily one of the most unique personalities in sports media — an insightful, hilarious, and multi-talented individual who is an analyst, producer, actor, philanthropist, and so much more. If you know him personally, you know him as the kind, generous, inspiring, super cool guy that truly never fails to surprise you. In almost six years working with Jalen, one of the most memorable moments was visiting his charter school (The Jalen Rose Leadership Academy) with him, and seeing how involved he is with his students and how hard he works to make their lives better – it’s the kind of thing that really resonates with you and makes you want to be like him.”

Just when you think ESPN commentator Jalen Rose should be getting some down time coming off the NBA Finals, he’s putting the pedal to the metal.

The veteran NBA Countdown analyst will provide commentary for the 2017 NBA Draft on ESPN (Thursday, June 22, 7 p.m. ET, ESPN), while simultaneously continuing to juggle his multi-platform daily show Jalen & Jacoby with co-host David Jacoby.

Jalen & Jacoby has evolved and broadened from a podcast to now a regular radio and television show (weeknights, 7-9 ET, ESPN Radio; next-day airings on ESPN2, ESPNEWS), spanning several ESPN platforms.

Today, Rose shines a light on Jalen & Jacoby producer and “team player” Harlan Endelman, who has worked with Rose for more than six years.

What makes Harlan successful in his role?
Harlan has been with Jalen & Jacoby since we popped the trunk and started giving the people what they want. He’s been instrumental in developing our show from an online podcast to the national radio/TV program it is today. He is a hard-working, versatile and dedicated teammate and together we navigate the TV, radio and podcast space.

How does Harlan help you do your job to the best of your ability?
Harlan keeps us trending with his diligent research that provides quality content and current topics to discuss on our show. He is the glue that keeps the Jalen & Jacoby team together, and he takes pride in making our show better each day.

Could you describe an instance when Harlan went above and beyond to help you?
Harlan was instrumental in bringing our show on the road. We’ve done live shows from Los Angeles and Detroit, and we look forward to doing more in the near future.

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