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Spain, Golic Jr. set up camp on “Fantasy Island” during ESPN’s “Marathon”

ESPN Radio’s Sarah Spain and Mike Golic Jr. will be marooned on Fantasy Island tonight through tomorrow as part of ESPN’s Fantasy Football Marathon, as they “take a road trip across America.”

This will be Golic Jr.’s second 28-hour turn in front of the green screen, following last year’s pairing with Jon “Stugotz” Weiner, so Front Row caught up with him and Spain to ask how they’ve prepared for the marathon, and how Golic Jr. is helping Spain get ready.

What are you doing to prepare for staying up a full 28 hours, and what methods to stay awake will you employ during the marathon?
SS: I slept until 10:30 a.m. this morning to try to give myself a good base of rest. From here on out it’ll be up to coffee, 5-Hour Energy, those delicious protein snack balls from [ESPN the Cafe] and my pride to get me through.
MG: I have been using muscle confusion on my body during the last year waking up to do a radio show from 4-6 a.m. five days a week. There is no amount of schedule changing and sleep deprivation that can hurt me anymore.

What can viewers expect from you two tonight?
SS: Absurd costumes, ridiculous green screens, comedy that will rival [comedians Amy] Poehler, [Eddie] Murphy, [Will] Ferrell and other renowned improv performers of our day and what I can only imagine will be perfectly executed sketches despite no rehearsal or game plan.
MG: Viewers can expect sarcasm, a lack of preparedness, sweat, food stains, and probably someone falling asleep on air again.

Mike, you’ve been on Fantasy Island in the past. What advice have you given Sarah?
MG: I’ve told Sarah to abandon all hope. Fantasy Island always wins. The sooner you accept that, the better this will go.

Sarah, what did you glean from last year that has helped you prepare for tonight?
SS: I’ve been told I’m just supposed to eat for 28 straight hours to stay awake, so that should be great for my waistline and my heartburn. This feels like a young man’s game — I might be in trouble.

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