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Duncan’s “Do Nots” For Dealing With Sad Georgia Fans

In the moments after Alabama clinched the National Title, SportsCenter anchor Elle Duncan escaped from the MegaCast. Quickly.

It’s no secret that SportsCenter anchor and Atlanta native Elle Duncan was rooting for Georgia in Monday’s College Football Playoff National Championship. Accordingly, with the Bulldogs losing in devastating fashion, she and fellow Bulldog fans are having an, ahem, “ruff” week.

In keeping with a regular feature she offers on SportsCenter’s daily Snapchat show (she hosts today at 5 p.m. ET), Front Row asked Elle to share a few of her “Duncan Do-Nots” for those who encounter crestfallen Georgia fans this week.

1. DO NOT console us with your “positive” reinforcement.

“Don’t hang your head, what a season you had!”
“You’ll be back for many years to come.”
“But what about next years recruiting class, impressive huh?”

These things are speculative. . . what we’re dealing with right now is the reality of a heartbreaking loss in a game we had in hand. Sound familiar?

2. To that end, DO NOT bring up the Falcons and their imminent demise on Saturday in a game they’re highly favored in.

All soul crushing losses are not created equal.

3. Also DO NOT compare your team’s ineptitude with ours in an effort to make us feel better.

No offense, but equivocating your long-suffering pain as a Browns fan to my team coming up a play short from winning a Natty is a STRETCH!

4. DO NOT say Hotlanta.

This isn’t relevant to this particular game, but I’m on a roll, so back off! Take this as an evergreen housekeeping note when speaking about Georgia’s capital. Seriously, NO ONE calls it that.

On a positive note, Here’s a DO for when speaking with Georgia fans: DO change the subject from Monday’s terrible heartbreak to something markedly more exciting: Season 2 of “Atlanta” coming in March.

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