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Monster ratings bloom from
ESPN’s Rose Bowl coverage

PASADENA, Calif. — After one of the greatest Rose Bowls in the 104-year history of “The Grand Daddy of Them All” and a phenomenal rating to attest to its magnificence, Front Row asked the game’s Director, Derek Mobley, for his thoughts on the instant classic (which will re-air Wednesday at Noon ET on SEC Network).

His instant reaction to directing coverage of Georgia’s 54-48 double-overtime victory over Oklahoma: “You always hope you get a game like that and we were lucky to have a game like that, combined with so many stars and great players.”

On how his directing technique shifts as the game goes on: “Beginning of the game, you do a lot of atmosphere along with the football. As it gets tight and then overtime, it is just about the football. [You focus on the] key stars, maybe slow it down a bit and make sure we cover everything really well and have all the proper reactions.”

On when Georgia tailback Sony Michel scored the winning TD: “I went to the guy that scored first, make sure we get a good shot of him. Then I need to get [Oklahoma QB] Baker Mayfield in, the Heisman winner, a key story of the game. Then everyone is running the field and the handheld camera men are trying to get key guys. It gets a little tough after that.. but we got some really good shots of everything. The crew did a real good job.”

On one of his lasting memories of the telecast: “We did a good job of showing off Baker Mayfield, telling his story and chronicling the highs and lows of the game as it went.”

In the video above, Front Row takes you inside the Rose Bowl production truck just as the game went off the air Monday night.

Derek Volner and David Scott produced the video.

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