“Through this video, I hope that viewers can see how resilient black female athletes have been”

ESPN's The Undefeated, DMG collaborate on new song "Undefeated"; the music video airs during ABC's WNBA All-Star Game coverage on Saturday

The Undefeated dropped its first single today.

The ESPN platform focusing on the intersections of sports, race and culture, in collaboration with the award-winning Disney Music Group, have released a song by R&B artist Rayana Jay entitled “Undefeated.”

Written by Blush and produced by Trak Girl, “Undefeated” is an anthem to black female athletes. The song and accompanying music video are offshoots of The Undefeated’s No Ceilings collaborative study with Morgan State University’s School of Global Journalism and Communication.

As part of the song’s women empowerment theme, “Undefeated” was recorded at Women’s Audio Mission in San Francisco, the only professional studio in the world run entirely by women.

ESPN and Disney staff who worked together behind the scenes share their vision with Front Row.

ABC”s WNBA All-Star Game telecast to showcase
“Undefeated” music video on Saturday broadcast

The song and video will air Saturday during ABC’s live broadcast of the 2018 WNBA All-Star Game (3:30 p.m. ET).

The “Undefeated” music video will be presented Friday and Saturday on Disney Channel and on DisneyNOW, while, the song will air on Radio Disney starting today.

Marquis Daisy (Producer/Director, ESPN Films) – Creator of the visual concept capturing the beauty and authenticity of black women in sports:
“Through this video, I hope that viewers can see how resilient black female athletes have been throughout the course of history, and how their bravery and dedication has paved the way for current and future athletes.”

Osman Noor (Digital Producer, ESPN’s The Undefeated) – Lead producer for the music video:
“I hope the main takeaway from ‘Undefeated’ is that the world treats black females differently – and they continue to rise above it.”

Stacy Satz (Marketing Director, Disney Music Group) – Amplified the music, video and message across myriad platforms within The Walt Disney World Company:
“I hope this campaign creates greater positive awareness for black female athletes and that they are celebrated for their achievements.”

Kevin Wilson (Music Director, ESPN Music) – Responsible for getting all the parties together to bring the music and video concepts to reality – connecting The Undefeated team to Women’s Audio Mission and Disney Music Group:
“The message I hope people get is that we are all equal and powerful and beautiful.”

ESPN Films’ Marquis Daisy directed the “Undefeated” music video, which was filmed in Brooklyn, N.Y.

(Illustration by Kia Dyson/The Undefeated)
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