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“You’re not supposed to laugh at your own jokes, but these animations are funny”

Learn what goes into the graphics process for ESPN2's transformation into ESPN8: The Ocho

EDITOR’S NOTE: ESPN Creative Services’ Kady Lawson is lead designer of motion graphics and is one of the creative minds behind the look “ESPN8: The Ocho” (all day today, ESPN2). Front Row asked Lawson to shed some light on the process. The Ocho graphics and animations are illustrated in the video above.

What is the timeline for a project like this?
It was a little over a two-month process for our team of three designers. That is a fairly short timeline given the number of elements needed for this project. That meant it really was a combined team effort to deliver everything on time.

Walk us through the execution process for creating the look of The Ocho.
First, we worked on the concept for the entire look. We wanted to highlight each sport individually and our overall goal was to just have fun. The Ocho is a fun event, so we needed the animations to be quirky and eye-catching. We presented our ideas to Programming in late May. Animation research and development started the first week of June. The R&D process really helped us work out the individual sport looks.

From there on out, we worked closely with the various teams (Programming, Net Control, CreativeWorks, SportsCenter Production, E:60 Production, Communications, etc.) to get everyone what they needed.

How did The Ocho differ from other projects you and the team have worked on?
The Ocho has such a wide array of groups working on it. For us, that meant collaborating with teams and individuals that we don’t typically work with. It was a great opportunity to form new cross-departmental relationships.

What was the best part of this project?
The best part of this project was how much fun we got to have and the creativity we were able to present. I know you’re not supposed to laugh at your own jokes but … these animations are funny. The E:60 tease, in particular, gets me every time.

What was the most challenging part of the project?
The most interesting, and most challenging part of the project was working with all the various teams involved. Most of the groups weren’t our usual collaborators, so we learned a lot about how to work with them and get them what they need. For me, it was really interesting to listen in on the planning meetings and hear a bit about everyone’s role in the project. I’m really proud of what our team was able to accomplish, and I’m amazed by what the overall group was able to produce.

ESPN Creative Services produced the video.
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