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Is that Pine-Sol or are we in a forest?

Marty & McGee stars explore set before SEC Network debut tonight

CHARLOTTE – As Marty Smith and Ryan McGee prepare for Marty & McGee’s premiere tonight (SEC Network, 7 ET), the duo is ready to debate “life, football and biscuits versus cornbread” in the radio-turned-TV show. Besides the talk about their desired breakfast carbs, much of the buzz has been centered on their set.

“When I walked in there, it was the most elaborate redneck playground I’d ever seen,” Smith said. “I told McGee it looked like we walked into the lobby at the Great Wolf Lodge. It’s the greatest hunting cabin in the Southeast.”

The set, designed by Rachel Busch, ESPN senior coordinator of studio design, features a carved wood sign of the show’s logo, an antler chandelier and an extensive rooster roster.

“I thought it would probably look like my dorm room at Tennessee with some stuff pinned to the wall,” McGee said. “Instead, we’re surrounded by woodwork, craftsmanship and artisan roosters.

“I’ve worked in TV my whole life, but this is the first set I’ve been on that smells good,” McGee continued. “It totally smells like we’re in the forest. Or at the Pine-Sol factory. Either way, it smells awesome.”

Molly Mita contributed to this post.

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