Please Speak When Spoken To – Siri Interrupts SportsCenter

During Sunday morning’s edition of SportsCenter, anchors Matt Barrie and Elle Duncan were doing “Half Hour Headlines” and discussing Florida’s upset of LSU when they were interrupted by a third voice.

Or, more specifically, they were interrupted by Siri on Barrie’s iPhone, which was on the desk in front of him:

While Barrie was obviously annoyed, Duncan loved it.

And she was delighted for another opportunity to bust Barrie’s chops when Front Row asked her what three things make Siri a better co-anchor than Barrie.


    “You can train Siri to compliment you.”

    “She’s at your beck and call – ready to serve you with a simple ‘Hey!’”

    “She only speaks when spoken to. Oh wait, I guess that theory was proven wrong. Maybe Matt is better than her there. He’s a professional — she’s apparently reckless.”

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