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Up on the San Jose Billboard, CFP Semifinal Fans Keep It Civil. . . For Now

At about 1 p.m. local time in San Jose, California on Saturday, the great billboard experiment in the sky will endure its toughest test yet.

That’s when the first College Football Playoff semifinal – pitting Clemson against Notre Dame – will kickoff on ESPN (4 p.m. ET, with Megacast options galore). It is then that the fan representatives from each of the four semifinalist schools – Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Oklahoma – will set aside their burgeoning friendships and instead, show their true school spirit.

Following the completion of Alabama-Oklahoma (8 p.m.), the two fans supporting Saturday’s winning teams will then remain on the billboard – located near Levi’s Stadium, where the January 7 National Championship game will be played on ESPN.

Front Row asked each of the four participants what they expect it to be like watching their team do battle in such close proximity to a fellow, rabid fan:


Llyas Ross Sr., Alabama

(Photo Credit: ESPN)

“It’s going to be a challenge. Good plays, bad plays, talking smack back-and-forth to each other. It’s all fun and games and we’re here to support each other and have a good time.”

Nancy Volland, Clemson

(Photo Credit: ESPN)

“This a great atmosphere and these are fun people. I’d like to say I’d be sad about it but it’s not going to be a problem because it’s all about my team come game day.”

Jeanette Kim, Notre Dame

(Photo Credit: ESPN)

“I think it’s going to be pretty fun. Nancy really knows her football so I think we’re going to have some good commentary and banter going on. It’ll be a little tense for sure but we’ll be just fine.”

Ruben Hunter, Oklahoma 

(Photo Credit: ESPN)

“It’s really fun watching with people that love football. Everyone is going to enjoy the game at one point. Right now, we’re building relationships and we’re friends, but game day is different. It’s all fun and games now but I can’t wait to see the Sooners come out.”

Fans can show their support for these superfans by tuning into the livestream on ESPN3 and by following #ESPNBillboard to join the conversation.

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