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Warrior Games Athlete Remsburg Is A Profile In Courage To SC Featured Producer Schwartz

Kris Schwartz on Cory Remsburg: "I hope people will not just remember these challenges that Cory faces every day, but recall how he chooses to overcome them."

In 2009, U.S. Army Ranger Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg nearly lost his life in a bomb explosion while on a mission in Afghanistan. He was severely injured and needed multiple surgeries and rigorous rehabilitation.

As he rehabbed, one of his biggest supporters was President Barack Obama, who met Remsburg before he was wounded, visited him in the hospital and honored him at the 2014 State of the Union address. They have remained in touch.

Beginning Saturday, Remsburg will be part of the Special Operations Command team competing in the 10th annual Department of Defense Warrior Games, a multi-sport event for wounded, injured or ill service personnel and veterans. He will compete in rowing and cycling.

Remsburg is the subject of this weekend’s SportsCenter “SC Featured” segment, with “Leading the Way” debuting in the 9 a.m. ET hour on Saturday. Kris Schwartz, who produced the piece for ESPN Features, visited with Remsburg at his home in Arizona and then in Tampa as he trained for the Warrior Games.

“You can’t help but be inspired by him,” Schwartz said. “His family has a strong history of military service, dating as far back as the Revolutionary War. Cory volunteered his service to our country, again and again, serving 10 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in an elite regiment as an Army Ranger.

“And now, despite facing so many daily struggles in the decade following his injury, he’s in great spirits. He consistently gives a thumbs-up to people, cracks jokes regularly and is extremely excited to be a part of the SOCOM team in the Warrior Games.”

Tom Rinaldi, the reporter on the story, interviewed Remsburg, his father, and stepmother.

“Viewers will visually see how Cory has no use of his left arm, needs assistance to stand, to walk, has difficulty with his speech,” Schwartz said. “I hope people will not just remember these challenges that Cory faces every day, but recall how he chooses to overcome them.

“It’s clear Cory wants to help and give credit to other veterans,” he said. “He admitted to Tom that he hates being called a hero.

“I couldn’t respect Cory more for his humility and inspiration, and I hope we can all be as compassionate and gracious as he is.”

NOTE: SportsCenter will have segments from the Warrior Games on Monday and Tuesday, June 24-25, with reporter (and U.S. Navy veteran) Sal Paolantonio.

ESPN’s Emily Kaplan Talks NHL Draft And Her Outside The Lines Friday Four Debut

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– Molly Mita

– Molly Mita

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