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Journalism Showcase: Eagles’ Marquise Goodwin, Wife Share Personal Journey in ESPN E60 Father’s Day Special

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Marquise Goodwin and his wife, Morgan, will share their very personal journey to become parents in a Father’s Day edition of E60 airing Sunday, June 21, at noon ET on ESPN.

The Goodwins maintained unflinching faith despite two cases of infant loss, the second of which involved twins. Last year, after learning they were pregnant again, they invited E60 to follow along. As Lisa Salters reports for E60, theirs is an unforgettable story of resilience and hope.

“After The Storm” was produced for E60 by Sarah M. Kazadi, who joined ESPN early in 2019. She spoke with Front Row about her first solo project for E60:

How open were the Goodwins with the E60 team?
When we first interviewed the Goodwins in June 2019, and this is just a few months after their November 2018 loss of their twins, they were so open about wanting to talk about it because they understood the importance of sharing their story. They understood that this is something a lot of people experience, but it’s not discussed as openly as it should be. They wanted to show that something as tragic as this can happen to you, but you can bounce back, and we are an example of that. It’s in everything that they do – they created their YouTube page primarily for the purpose of inspiring and encouraging people who are going through this, and it’s just who they are.

How did telling this story affect you personally?
This is ultimately a story about faith, family, love, resilience – some of these big themes are embodied by Marquise and Morgan. Right now, we need to see uplifting news, and this story is exactly that. When you get to watch the piece, and you get to learn a little about Marquise and Morgan, you’ll realize how incredible they are as people, and it’s hard not to root for them. It’s been a really rough time lately. It brought me a lot of joy to highlight a young Black couple loving and uplifting each other. It’s not something we see highlighted often, and I’m just glad I got a chance to do it.

NOTE: Friday, will have a companion piece written by senior writer David Fleming, the author of “Noah’s Rainbow,” a book on infant loss.

– Andy Hall

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