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The Cornettes Make ESPN Radio History As First Married Couple To Host Show

Jordan and Shae Peppler Cornette, married just over a year, take their talents to ESPN Radio every Sunday

The coupling of a dynamic duo is nothing new to sports radio. But a married couple? Meet Jordan Cornette and Shae Peppler Cornette.

ESPN Radio is embarking on a new journey with the pairing of ACC Network’s The Huddle host and basketball analyst Jordan with Sirius XM NFL radio host, Shae. The Cornettes co-host GameDay each Sunday (beginning last week) during football season from 1-5 p.m. ET – marking the first time a married couple has co-hosted an ESPN Radio show.

“Shae has made such a great partner in life, a similar result in radio is only logical,” said Jordan. “Sports permeate our house on a typical Sunday, why not bring those sports debates, spousal debates, etc. to the airwaves. I look forward to having an audience mediate our marital disagreements along the way.”

The Cornettes were married in June 2019 and have had practice on-air together in the past. They met in Chicago while working together at Stadium and did some fill-in spots on Chicago’s ESPN 1000.

“They say marriage is work, well one year in, and it LITERALLY is,” Shae said. “If I had to pick my ideal co-host, it would be someone who can highlight my strengths and challenge me to see things from another perspective all while making me laugh. There is no one that does that better than my husband. The two of us have passionate opinions on who is winning the NBA title to who is watching ahead on our Netflix series; it’s real life, just with a microphone and a producer. And I am thrilled to bring this unique but relatable set-up to the ESPN airwaves.”

Communication has been a key part of the duo’s relationship, especially since they spent seven months apart when Jordan moved to Connecticut last August, while Shae stayed in Chicago to finish out the Bears season for FOX 32.

Shae, a long time Chicagoan, moved to Fairfield, Conn., in March and the Midwest pair got exactly three days to enjoy their new east coast home before the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isolated together, the Cornettes developed a new love for hiking and the outdoors with their newly adopted puppy, Kobe (born the day Kobe Bryant passed away).

They are excited and hopeful for the eventual return of all sports and in the meantime will entertain, engage, and inform sports fans across the nation each Sunday this fall.

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