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Multicultural Women’s Network: Natasha Caines

Over the next few weeks, Front Row will spotlight female employee voices from throughout ESPN. These voices all come from ESPN’s new employee-led group, The Multicultural Women’s Network. This group was built specifically to focus on connecting, developing and elevating women of color. These women along with many allies at the helm aims to celebrate and empower the intersection and layered complexity of race, gender, and culture that makes up the core of who we are.

Photos: Melissa Rawlins/ESPN Images

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"I don’t fear being the 'only' in the group."

Natasha Caines

As a lifelong introvert, it hasn’t always been easy for Natasha to show up and be seen. So, she chooses to be involved in organizations, projects and events that show you who she is and what she views as important, like equality, fair treatment, community, empowerment, continuous improvement and education. She works on finding new strengths and discovering her voice, and hopes to encourage others to do the same. She’s a Senior Compensation Analyst with DTCI, The Walt Disney Company’s Direct to Consumer & International  segment.

How has your identity as a Black woman shaped you? 

“The strength of the Black women that raised me shaped into the person I am today. I grew up often being the only Black girl or person in my classes and as an adult it isn’t rare that I am the only Black woman or person on my team. I don’t fear being the ‘only’ in the group. I draw power and a sense of responsibility from that.”

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