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International Women’s Day Q&A with ESPN Producer Laurie Privitera on Tonight’s All-Women Led NBA Game Broadcast

ESPN is continuing its all-women led NBA game and studio broadcasts this International Women’s Day, headlined by the telecast featuring a matchup between the Dallas Mavericks and New Orleans Pelicans (tonight at  7:30 p.m. ET on ESPN). The initiative will extend beyond game production and include today’s NBA Today, NBA Countdown and Hoop Streams shows.

Laurie Privitera produced the first all-women led NBA game broadcast on a national scale in 2022 and is producing again this year with Beth Mowins, Doris Burke and Cassidy Hubbarth providing commentary. We caught up with Laurie to ask what it’s like to spearhead such a game production. 

What’s it like doing this game for a second consecutive year?

It’s always an honor to be involved in something the company views as important.  I appreciate the opportunity for our crew of women to be recognized for work we do on a regular basis. 

With the game being on International Women’s Day this year, it afforded us the chance to work hand-in-hand with the NBA to put a larger spotlight on females — not just in our broadcast, but throughout the league.  

What are you most proud of participating in this?

I appreciate that I work at a company that has qualified women in all of the roles necessary to put on a full-game broadcast.

While we all cross paths throughout the year on different events, having us come together for a night is the special part of it.  

Which ESPN priority is most significant to you on March 8 as you work alongside the many women that work on this property daily?

As always, quality storytelling is at the forefront. Having a crew that has experience working on our biggest events and are at the top of their game in the industry make us adept at quality storytelling.

It’s my pleasure to bring that all together and put it on display to create a top-notch broadcast for the viewer.  

Here are the women leading the ESPN’s NBA game and studio productions on March 8:

Game Production in Bristol

  • Coordinating Producer: Sara Gaiero
  • Production Manager: Samantha Vanoni
  • Production Coordinator: Kayla Wyman
  • Sr Dir Programming & Acquisitions: Ashley O’Connor
  • Producer: Laurie Privitera
  • Director: Josslyn Meyer
  • Associate Director: Colleen O’Sullivan
  • Graphics Producer: Stacy Hunt
  • Graphics Assist: Juliana Sherry
  • Graphics Interface Coordinator: Tracey Vigorito
  • Production Assistant: Jasmyne ArchieDavis
  • Production Assistant: Anissa Deol
  • Creative Content Producer: Olivia Powers
  • Editor: Lauren Roberts
  • Sr. Operations Manager : Patty Mattero
  • Supervisor Remote
  • Crewing: Candice Manning
  • Sr. Mgr. Remote Prod Ops Crewing: Eileen Lauer
  • Crewing Coordinator:
  • Samantha Robuccio
  • Supervisor Prod Ops: Tara Shea
  • Remi Support: Jenni Warren\
  • Remi Support: Marissa Bonertz
  • Technical Director: Mary Payne Dillard
  • A1: Kate Almon
  • Comms: Kayla Foster
  • Replay Operators: Maddie Boccardi, Alisha Fonseca, Sharon Kilcullen, Maddy Rose
  • Graphics Operator: CL Carter

Game Production in New Orleans

  • Play by Play: Beth Mowins
  • Analyst: Doris Burke
  • Reporter: Cassidy Hubbarth
  • Wired Producer: Tiffany Kalil
  • Talent Stats: Alex Santiago
  • Operations Producer: LJ Harrington
  • Operations Producer: Cathy (CJ) Chalverus
  • Runner: Jane Ziegler
  • V1: Dadja Roerig
  • A2: Amanda Wong
  • Comms: Abigail Worsfold
  • Cams: Carol Peterson, Beverly Wilson, Savannah Revelle
  • Replay Operator: Liliana Campon


Central Record

  • Supervisor: Kathleen McNamara
  • ESPN Origination Operator –ESPN: Sara Mohr
  • Master Control AD: Devon Williams
  • Network Delay: Robin Gayle
  • ESPN Origination Operator–PacRim/Aus: Erica Diamond
  • Supervisor: Tracy Neal

NBA Countdown

  • Host: Malika Andrews
  • Analyst: Chiney Ogwumike
  • Analyst: Becky Hammon
  • Analyst: Monica McNutt
  • Producer: Dominique Collins
  • AP: Aliyyah Jackson
  • Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Bucheit
  • TD: Heather Gleason
  • Playout Media Op: Janeese Hoagland
  • Creative Design: Christine Galeener
  • Video: Katrina Hernandez
  • Audio Tech: Rebecca Calvo
  • Camera: Gabrielle Spargur

NBA Today

  • Host: Malika Andrews
  • Analyst: Chiney Ogwumike
  • Analyst: Becky Hammon
  • Analyst: Ramona Shelburne
  • Coordinating Producer: Hilary Guy
  • Director : Kathy Perez
  • Associate Director: Vanessa Ford
  • Content Associate: Briana Vasquez

Hoop Streams

  • Host: Christine Williamson
  • Director : Becky Coole
  • Production Assistant: Jamella Foster
  • Production Assistant: Rachel Johnson
  • Video: Tania Eicoff
  • Audio (A2): Latisha Thomas
  • QEP Operator: Megan Baldwin
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