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SC on Snapchat Celebrates the Unsung Heroes of Sports

Over the last few months, Arda Öcal has been using his platform on SC on Snapchat to celebrate the achievements of athletes and teams through his heartfelt closing segment, “Arda’s Goodbye Shoutout.”

Since its inception, the concluding segment has gained significant traction, capturing the attention of athletes and fans alike. Öcal launched this segment after hosting an episode of SportsCenter and got positive feedback after giving a shoutout to the daughter of a friend who had won a hockey tournament. When he hosted SC on Snap a few days later, he thought it could be a great recurring segment to shine a spotlight on athletes, schools and teams across the country. 

One of the thousands of submissions Arda receives

For the SC on Snap team, it’s been a great way to see that people stick around to watch the end of the show. Öcal notes, “One thing I didn’t anticipate were the messages from athletes who are taken by surprise after watching to the end and realizing they were nominated by family or a friend. It’s always an unexpected moment for these athletes but awesome for me knowing the impact I’m making.”

The response to Arda’s call for nominations has been overwhelming. He has already received thousands of emails and DM’s pouring in from all corners of the sports world, “I hear from middle schoolers winning track meets to guys in their 30s winning their summer hockey league and everything in between,” he says. Öcal has been carefully selecting shoutouts that embody exceptional stories and remarkable accomplishments, ensuring that each recognition resonates with viewers on a deeper level.

A message from a fan who was surprised to see themselves featured on Arda’s Goodbye Shoutout

The impact of “Arda’s Goodbye Shoutout” extends far beyond the screen. The segment has become a catalyst for positivity, fostering a sense of unity and support within the sports community. “I hope we keep doing this because it definitely feels like the SC audience and community have welcomed it and are loving being part of the show,” says Öcal. “Maybe one day an athlete that got a shout out plays in the NBA or NHL and this was a core memory for them once upon a time.”

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