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Inside ESPN and Premier Lacrosse League’s Teamwork To Appeal To A Diverse Audience

Sunday at 3 p.m. ET on ABC and ESPN+, the Waterdogs and Archers vie for the 2023 PLL championship. In the latest segment of this multi-part series video series on Front Row, President Paul Rabil discusses the PLL appealing to a young, diverse fanbase and how ESPN platforms help reach that audience

With record viewership, impressive technology, and a focus on younger fans, it’s a season – and a partnership – worthy of a detailed review.

ESPN’s coordinating producer overseeing lacrosse, Ericka Galbraith, caught up with PLL co-founder and President Paul Rabil regarding what makes the relationship so special.

In this multi-part video series featuring their conversations, Rabil reflects on the past few years of “rebuilding lacrosse,” how ESPN’s access across ABC, social media, and The Walt Disney Company family helps them reach the curious, casual, and core lacrosse fans. The PLL will look ahead to a city-based model next year, and Rabil wants to appeal to older lacrosse fans, too.

It’s no surprise that youth lacrosse is booming; in the video above, so Rabil and Galbraith discuss how to capture that interest and turn it into lifetime fandom.

In the video immediately below, Rabil and Galbraith discuss PLL viewership trends on ESPN platforms.

In the video below, Rabil and Galbraith discuss the role technology plays in ESPN’s coverage of the PLL.

Spencer T. Jackson produced the videos
Sunday at 3 p.m. ET on ABC and ESPN+, the Waterdogs and Archers vie for the 2023 PLL championship from Subaru Park in Chester, Pennsylvania. For more on ESPN’s PLL coverage, visit ESPN Press Room

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