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Hi. I was hired at ESPN 30+ years ago when essentially all you needed was a pulse. Cable was in its infancy, and the notion of sports on TV 24 hours a day was scoffed at. Red Sox utility infielder Jack Brohamer’s Hall of Fame credentials received more serious consideration than we did at the time. That you are reading this blog would suggest things have changed, and my family and I are very grateful. I have the good fortune of overseeing the Communications department responsible for FrontRow, among many other things that come under the heading of “How ESPN communicates to its employees and the outside world.” I’ve been here this long, and witnessed directly all the change that has occurred, for one primary reason: the people I work with at ESPN are passionate, dedicated, fun…and I am still having a blast coming to work every day.

ESPN Remembers Former Communications VP Rob Tobias

Former ESPN VP, Communications, Rob Tobias, who fought brain cancer as courageously and as strongly as anyone could, died today.…

How ESPN+ Achieved 568K New Signups In 2 Days

UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ launch demonstrates the marriage of strategy and scale; pivotal moment in the march to 2M…
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Three Things People Should Know About the X Games

ESPN Communications Senior VP Chris LaPlaca interviews X Games exec Tim Reed after the 2018 Minneapolis event.
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ESPN executives, commentators rise to the moment for commencement speeches

SVP, Communications, Chris LaPlaca, is among several ESPN employees delivering commencement addresses this spring. How does he tackle that assignment?
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¡Viva ESPN México! ESPN construye sobre su propio éxito en México

Lo primero que sale al encuentro de los visitantes de la sede central de ESPN inaugurada hace aproximadamente un año…
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¡Viva ESPN Mexico! Network builds on success in Mexico City

The very first thing that greets visitors to ESPN's roughly year-old headquarters in Mexico City is the energy and pride…
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ESPN’s Katina Arnold honored at Top Women in PR Awards

Today, PR News celebrated the Top Women in PR honorees at an awards luncheon in New York City. Among them…

Chris Berman inducted into Cable Hall of Fame

Tuesday night in Chicago, ESPN's longtime broadcaster Chris Berman was inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame.

Tobias retires from job he made all his own

On the eve of ESPN Vice President of Communications Rob Tobias' retirement, the creative communicator is celebrated for both the…

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Every great picture tells a story, but sometimes there’s a great story behind the picture.

George Bodenheimer marks the end of his 33-year ESPN career

Earlier today, ESPN Executive Chairman George Bodenheimer notified his colleagues that he will be leaving the company as of May…

Unseen & Unheard, Volume 2: Diplomatic community of ESPN and McKendry’s influence

Editor’s note: In 33-plus years at ESPN, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications Chris LaPlaca has been a part of the…
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Unseen and Unheard: Behind the scenes glimpses of ESPN

In 33-plus years at ESPN, I have been fortunate to be a part of the evolution of a company that…

ESPN EQUAL launches #ESPNAlly program

ESPN EQUAL, ESPN’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employee resource group (ERG), today launched an Ally program patterned after several…