Team Player

“Team Player”: Dianna Russini with Seth Horwitz

ESPN NFL reporter Dianna Russini considers segment producer Seth Horwitz "my MVP every Sunday." Here's why.

Team Player: Karl Ravech and Sarah Langs

Karl Ravech is juggling both Little League World Series and MLB pennant race coverage but shines the spotlight on ESPN…

“Team Player”: Adnan Virk with Dan Stanczyk

Adnan Virk shines the spotlight on ESPN Radio producer Dan Stanczyk, whom Virk credits with the success of his self-described…

“Team Player”: Cassidy Hubbarth with Bruce Bernstein

Cassidy Hubbarth salutes longtime CP Bruce Bernstein, who once again will fashion ESPN's live NBA Draft presentation (tonight, 7 ET).

“Team Player”: Jalen Rose with Harlan Endelman

Producer Harlan Endelman keeps Jalen & Jacoby trending with his diligent research. That's one of the reasons he's Jalen Rose's…

“Team Player”: Sage Steele with Tom Engle

SportsCenter's Sage Steele praises our latest "Team Player," producer Tom Engle.

“Team Player”: Jessica Mendoza with Kelly Carey

As our “Team Player” series continues, MLB analyst Jessica Mendoza tips her cap to ESPN production coordinator Kelly Carey.

“Team Player”: Ryan Ruocco with Larry Starks

ESPN NBA play-by-play commentator Ryan Ruocco's choice for his “team player” is coordinating editor Larry Starks, who is instrumental in…

“Team Player”: Michelle Beadle with Lisa James

A new Front Row series kicks off where we put the spotlight on some of the "Team Players" behind the…