By Design

By Design: LAPC graphics

Sunshine, palm trees and beautiful tanned people — our LA crew must have all the fun. But it’s a serious…

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By Design: Renewing SC’s birthplace

On ESPN’s Bristol campus, new buildings are always sprouting up that need interior graphics. Working in these spaces is easy because…

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By Design: The Mag’s new home

ESPN The Magazine relocated its main operations from NYC to the Bristol headquarters in early June. Its new home is…

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Behind The Scenes

MNF’s new look

ESPN’s Monday Night Football will have a new look this fall. Not to worry. The popular commentator team of Mike…

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By Design: Audio Check

ESPN Radio is a colorful world within ESPN. You have our nationally syndicated shows and talent, four ESPN-owned and operated…

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Superstars, superstition and Smith*

[slideshow id=10] In 2009, the newest addition to the ESPN Bristol skyline, Building 13, broke ground on the hillside that…

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By Design: Meeting rooms with kick

[slideshow id=4] Visitors to the ESPN headquarters in Bristol always hope to see mascots and sports legends running around. They…

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Hallway to well, well, well

Editor’s Note: As ESPN’s Associate Director of Print Production, Marketing Creative Services, Kristen Cook has had a hand in designing the…

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