ESPN The Magazine transitions

This week, ESPN The Magazine announced a change in editor-in-chiefs. Effective June 15, Chad Millman will be the new EIC as the publication relocates its editorial operations from New York City to Bristol, Conn. this summer. Millman is currently senior deputy editor.

Current editor-in-chief Gary Belsky will remain with the magazine as editor-at-large through January 2012.

With ESPN The Magazine‘s relocation, many staffers will make the move. Some will not.

Front Row asked Timothy Cheung, ESPN’s Director Of Human Resources, for insight on the Magazine‘s staffing.

FR: How many positions with ESPN The Magazine are headed from NYC to Bristol and all are posted?

Cheung: We currently have a good core group that will be relocating to Bristol that will maintain the quality of the Magazine.  As part of this change we will have positions for various departments in the Magazine.  There will be great opportunities to be part of a great team at all levels in departments such as Photo, Design, Edit, Copy and Research.  All the positions are in the process of being posted and can be viewed at

FR: Will there be any Magazine-related positions still in NYC?

Cheung: As the 34th Street location will be closing, some areas that work closely with Sales and Marketing will be moving within NY later this year. The Magazine operations relocating to Bristol will help us leverage additional resources and allow us to partner more closely with other ESPN departments so that we can provide even more great content for fans on multiple platforms.

FR: When does the Magazine hope to begin business in Bristol officially?

Cheung: The Magazine is scheduled to begin the relocation process on Monday, June 13 and complete the move by Friday, June 24. The building will be bright and have an open floor plan, and the new space will offer a unique identity for the Magazine staff similar to the current offices in NY.

FR: From an HR perspective, what are the challenges involved with staffing a new office and closing an existing one?

Cheung: Our employees at The Magazine have grown to become a family. Many have been with us since the launch in 1998 and have achieved great success together. Some staffers have elected to stay in the NY area for personal reasons, so now the Magazine family will be different.

Some of the challenges are helping manage this change, helping the members of our team with their decisions and working with the business to ensure we maintain the culture that has contributed to the Magazine’s success. We are fortunate to have so many dedicated employees who truly care about maintaining the quality of the Magazine.

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