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ESPN, Sony team on ScoreCenter app

As of today, ESPN’s popular ScoreCenter app is available to Sony connected “smart” TVs through the Yahoo! Connected TV platform.

The app provides live scores on the side of the television screen, allowing viewers to keep track of all the action while watching their favorite programming.

Additionally, viewers can personalize the app to track favorite teams and get the most up-to-date statistics.

This is one in a series of TV apps ESPN has launched in the last couple of years.

While developed by the Emerging Technology Group, they are deployed through agreements with
TV set manufactures forged by the Digital Video Distribution (DVD) group.

Matt Murphy oversees the division, which is always looking for new ways to distribute ESPN’s content to fans.

The DVD group is also responsible for distributing products like ESPN on the XBox and the WatchESPN app.

ESPNFrontRow caught up with Murphy to discuss the latest deployment and what these kinds of apps mean for the company.

“New technologies are giving us new opportunities to engage our fans,” said Murphy.

“We have been bullish about making sure we’re well represented in the app market, be it on a smart phone, and tablet and now, the television. The ScoreCenter App is the perfect example, as it is now available across all of these screens. It is also optimized for the best experience depending upon which it is being accessed from.”

Yahoo! provides widgets for several different television manufacturers, allowing viewers to access the Internet and interact with their television in a whole new way.

Murphy added that, while TV has traditionally been considered a “lean back” experience, apps change that dynamic, which can have an impact on ESPN’s ratings.

“Ratings are a combination of the number of people watching a particular program and the amount of time they’re spending with us. By adding engaging widgets and apps, we have the opportunity to increase the time our fans spend watching TV and, therefore, have an impact on our overall program ratings, which is not only good for us, but our affiliate and ad sales partners and, ultimately, the fans.”

The ScoreCenter app is also available on Samsung TVs.

Other ESPN apps currently available on televisions include: the ESPN Next Level Application, available to Samsung TVs; the ESPN Fantasy Football App, available to Verizon FiOS TV customers; and the ESPN Interactive Zone, available to Dish subscribers.

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