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Front & Center: Fantasy Sports gurus Matthew Berry, Nate Ravitz

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Fantasy baseball.

What began as a silly little game in the dining room of a rotisserie chicken joint has become an epidemic. All over the world people are hanging on every crack of Matt Kemp’s bat and losing sleep over Big Time Timmy Jim’s double-digit ERA.

When you’re out of options at middle infield, or you want to know which fast-rising player is bona fide (not Bonifacio), then Matthew Berry and Nate Ravitz are the men for the job.

Named the permanent hosts for the podcast Fantasy Focus in 2007, they have since become the Robert Redford and Paul Newman of fantasy sports (except with less bank robbing and more catchphrases).

In this special edition of Fantasy Focus, the guys talk about their favorite episodes, how they got some of the coolest jobs at ESPN, and the craziest thing a fan has named after them (Think: farm animal).

Nate Ravitz
Matthew Berry
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