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Front & Center: Terry Francona

ESPN Baseball analyst Terry Francona

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ESPN MLB analyst Terry Francona is adapting nicely to his new surroundings.

The two-time World Champion Manager of the Boston Red Sox joined ESPN in December 2011 just in time for the MLB Winter Meetings.

Fast forward five months and Francona is receiving high praise from viewers and critics alike for his open, honest style in the booth on Sunday Night Baseball and on the set of Baseball Tonight.

In the “Front & Center” podcast above, Tito talks about his transition from answering questions from media to asking them as part of the media.

He also discusses how he has created chemistry with Sunday Night Baseball colleagues Orel Hershiser and Dan Shulman, whether any part of his new job is harder than managing and how his time as Michael Jordan’s manager with the Birmingham Barons educated him on the sports media landscape.

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