Behind The Scenes

Here’s a quick look at how we stage, shoot, and produce SportsCenter

Editor’s note: The video above is an edited version of a longer feature produced for employees. The copy originally posted Sunday should have reflected that. Front Row regrets the error.

What’s it like to operate a camera on the SportsCenter set or edit the highlight of a big game?

In May, ESPN’s Production Operations demonstrated those things and more at an “expo” that allowed employees in Bristol to learn how things operate.

They learned how to operate a SteadiCam and Jib camera, edit a highlight, run a commercial break and what goes on in a live SportsCenter control room. They also learned how Prod Ops transforms sets, “mic’s” our on-air talent and creates those stunning effects that can be seen throughout our many studio shows.

The video above gives you an overview of the hard work, dedication and teamwork 500 ESPN employees pour into Production Operations everyday.

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