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Doubles’ takes: The ‘decoys’ for latest ESPN NBA RV spot give inside scoop

On Wednesday evening during the telecast of the Los Angeles Clippers’ victory over the Dallas Mavericks, ESPN Marketing debuted the latest spot in the ESPN NBA RV campaign.

In the commercial, Clippers point guard Chris Paul joins ESPN commentators Magic Johnson, Mike Breen and Jon Barry in a decoy RV to avoid the relentless “LA paparazzi.”

Their plan goes smoothly until they realize that one analyst boarded the wrong vehicle. In the second RV, Jeff Van Gundy is surrounded by look-alikes representing each of his commentator counterparts, as well as Paul.

ESPN Marketing worked with Wieden + Kennedy New York on the creative process, including the incredible casting.

Front Row spoke to a few of the doubles to learn a little more about their experience:

Actor Willy Rosner, who doubled for Van Gundy:
The wardrobe person gave me my clothes to try on and showed me to the changing room on the set. I started to get undressed when Magic walked in with his wardrobe to try on. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I’d be standing in my underwear next to Magic Johnson. It was very surreal. Standing next to Magic made me feel like Danny Devito in Twins.

Actor Darryl Dunning II, who doubled for Paul:
I grew up watching Magic with my Pops, so I snapped a photo & showed my Dad. It made his day. I resemble Chris in both stature and look so I knew it was only a matter of time before we would work together.

It was early when I first arrived and you could kind of sense the buzz that Chris Paul had arrived. People started coming over to where I was. And then there was this moment of, “Aww. It’s just Darryl.” I felt like I was in the ‘It’s Not Crazy. It’s Sports’ spot with the “other” Michael Jordan.

Actor Chris Fetherolf, who played Barry:
When I got to meet Jon, I realized he was much taller than me and I found myself automatically trying to sit up straighter.

Magic Johnson’s double [actor Dee Thompson] was on set and I was thinking, ‘Wow! This is a big guy. They did a great job finding someone to match his size.’ Then I met the real Magic Johnson and he dwarfed the double. No one can match the size of Magic. It was the thrill of a lifetime. He is such a sports icon.

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