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1Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 11.28.04 AMEditor’s Note: With this multi-week series — the Front Row Forward/Rewind, 2014/2013 — ESPN’s Communications Department takes the pulse of content executives throughout ESPN for their views on what’s ahead across ESPN for 2014 and some of what transpired in 2013. The snapshots provide a look at where ESPN has been, where it’s going and how it plans on getting there.


Laura Gentile, Vice President, espnW

Laura Gentile
Laura Gentile

What was the best example of your unit’s teamwork from 2013?
The best example is in how the entire espnW team worked together to execute the 2013 espnW Women + Sports Summit seamlessly, truly delighting our guests. Every single person on the team from marketing to public relations to editorial to event marketing to sales had a clear role and pulled together to make the 2013 event an exceptional showcase for our business and an exceptional experience for our guests, clients and partners.

What was the “most social” moment of 2013?
Abby Wambach’s record-breaking goal on June 20 was espnW’s most engaging social moment of 2013, retweeted by @ESPN (more than 8 million followers) and @SportsCenter (6.5M followers). espnW’s original tweet resulted in more than 1,000 retweets.

What excites you most about using Digital Center 2 (DC2) in 2014?
The opportunity to showcase what truly makes ESPN great – innovating before anyone else, forging ahead of the industry, spotlighting our talent and showcasing our creativity within our signature show SportsCenter. I’m also excited about the opportunity DC2 presents to give our fans a greater voice through social media and further integrate fan reactions and insights.



Mike McQuade
Mike McQuade

Mike McQuade, Vice President, Event Production

What was the best example of your unit’s teamwork from 2013?
Our news and information platforms worked very well together to cover the breaking story of Tiger Woods’ penalty on Saturday morning at the Masters.

What was the “most social” moment of 2013?
The incident with Tiger Woods’ approach shot and drop on the 15th at the Masters. A TV viewer called in about his drop and the penalty was a big topic of debate on social media the next day.

What element from another ESPN production unit resonated with you most in 2013 and why?
College Football and their use of promotion of other games airing currently across the network. We used that to help promote the many different channels for both the U.S. Open and Open Championship.

Andy Hall contributed to this post.

Forward/Rewind graphic by Samantha Baron

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