The Monday Lineup: 7 ESPN moments from the weekend and for the week ahead PLUS: Blitz happy in “Jersey”

Following the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl XLVIII victory over the Denver Broncos, ESPN immediately debuted a new “This is SportsCenter” ad, featuring SportsCenter anchor Stuart Scott and Broncos’ mascot Miles.

Titled “Jersey,” the 15-second commercial features mascot Miles, who is already suffering from the loss, and must also face indignity of wearing a Seattle Seahawks jersey as part of a bet.

This is the second Super Bowl-themed commercial that ESPN’s marketing team has released this week. On Monday, ESPN debuted “Long Week,” where Miles, together with Seahawks’ mascot Blitz, starred alongside SportsCenter hosts Jay Crawford and Steve Levy, sharing an awkward moment in the elevator.

“With the excitement of the Super Bowl being in New York, we wanted to do something special for the game. Honoring the matchup in a ‘This Is SportsCenter’ spot seemed like a great fit,” said AJ Mazza, marketing manager at ESPN. “Our creative agency, Wieden + Kennedy New York, rose to the occasion, as always, and developed a great script that nods to the matchup.”

According to Mazza, it took a lot of phone calls and schedule coordination to get the mascots to Bristol on Jan. 23, when the spot was filmed. “With the conference championships on Jan. 19 and the [first] spot launching on Jan. 27, turnaround time was very quick,” Mazza said. “A lot of people worked hard to make the spot happen.”

– By Ana Livia Coelho

Now, a bit of what you may have missed over the weekend:

1. Super Bowl XLVIII







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