NFL’s NFL Nation reporters on the biggest story lines for 2014

In August 2013, launched the NFL Nation Network, a collection of 32 team-focused reporters based in NFL cities across the country.

Last week, nearly the entire group of reporters — along with a few other writers and editors — participated in the first official NFL Nation summit at ESPN’s headquarters in Bristol, Conn.

While the team has already generated impressive results in its first five months – more than 22 million video starts and NFL blog posts that produced more than 113 million page views (September 2013–January 2014, Source: Omniture) – the group used the session to compare notes from the launch season and to plan for the year ahead.

“Our last few NFL Nation reporters were hired after the 2013 season started, so it is particularly satisfying to see what this group has accomplished so quickly,” said senior editor John Pluym. “By bringing everyone together for the first time, the summit helped us get to know one another and share ideas, which is going to give this team even more momentum in year two.”

With the new NFL season officially starting tomorrow with the onset of free agency, Front Row asked NFL Nation reporters to share the key storyline each is focused on with his respective team in 2014.

Editor’s note: The NFL Nation reporters who cover the Packers, Texans and Saints were unavailable to participate and are not included in the videos.

Videos produced by Josh Lander

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