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Katz, Siripipat and Rovell debut podcasts in new ESPN Perspectives series

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Storytelling always has been an ESPN trademark. Today, ESPN Audio debuts the ESPN Perspectives podcast series dedicated to in-depth storytelling and provocative conversations.

The series offers three original shows that give listeners an inside perspective on a wide variety of issues in the sports world: Capital Games hosted by senior writer Andy Katz and ABC News political director Rick Klein; Inside Out with ESPN commentator Prim Siripipat; and SportsBiz with ESPN Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell. In the premiere episodes today, all three podcasts are dedicated to the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Front Row had the chance to catch up with the hosts to get their takes on what fans can expect from the new series.

ESPN is known for telling great stories – and ESPN Perspectives offers one more opportunity/platform to share some of them. What are you most excited about regarding ESPN Perspectives?
Darren Rovell: I’ve always wanted to do a radio show or a podcast. My sports business roots actually go back to my days at Northwestern when I had a sports business radio show called “The Sports Biz Beat.” It’s when I first fell in love with this type of reporting.

Andy Katz: Sports and politics continue to intersect. And yet there is a vacuum for discussing how, why and what the outcomes will be when the two worlds collide. Whether it’s global events or those on the homeland, there is a constant need to understand and discuss the political issues.

Prim Siripipat: I am most excited to take part and contribute to a different kind of discussion surrounding sports. I want Inside Out to be an enlightening and educational experience for all our listeners. It will explore an area that, I believe, deserves more attention – the mental aspect of sports.

What do you hope listeners gain from your podcast? What can listeners expect?
DR: I hope that listeners will ask me to bring on guests they are looking to hear from. We live in a world in which reporters are having a dialogue with their readers, listeners and viewers, and I want my listeners here to feel like they are part of creating what goes on the blank canvas that I’m being provided.

AK: We will bring high-profile politicians into the discussions about the sports issues of the day or perhaps week, month or season. Marrying the resources of ESPN and ABC News’ political unit will showcase our unique relationship to break down issues similar to what has made [ESPN daily news show] Outside the Lines an award-winning and highly respected journalist endeavor.

PS: As a result of my academic and athletic background as a former Duke tennis player, I developed a passion for sports psychology and a strong belief that while physical talent is essential to the success of athletes, their psyches are their most powerful engines. In this podcast, we will interview athletes, coaches, parents, sports psychologists, and performance coaches. During these interviews, I hope to unveil stories that will be able to help athletes and others – coaches, parents, students, employees and business owners – maximize their potentials.

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