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Winners of Mike & Mike contest join pair in Miami for NBA Finals Game 3

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Attending Game 3 of the NBA Finals tonight in Miami was not something Evan Vogel and his wife Megan had planned.

However, thanks to the “Mike & Mike Starting Five at the Finals” contest, Vogel and seven other sets of winners are spending the entire day with the ESPN Radio pair including attending the San Antonio Spurs-Miami Heat game. The winners began their day with VIP seating for today’s 6-10 a.m. ET Mike & Mike show airing live from Lummus Park in Miami Beach.

Rewarding the gift of life
For Evan and Megan Vogel, this sports vacation is very special.

“Meg recently donated a kidney because a man at our church – whose daughter was in our wedding – needed one. We both got tested to see if we could help and she was the ‘winner,'” Evan Vogel told Front Row.

“Her kidney ended up going to another man, but because she donated, a kidney was given to our friend. His son is in the Air Force on the USS Bataan. Meg is happy that she was able to donate and is a hero to so many, but so selfless that she nearly feels embarrassed about the attention. She deserves the accolades, though.”

Megan Vogel has been back at work teaching for about a month. When Evan had to decide which person to invite as his guest for the Mike & Mike trip, the choice was easy.

“I had a friend mock me for taking my wife instead of one of my boys, but I wouldn’t want it any other way,” he said. “Meg is my best friend.”

Vogel has listened to the duo since they debuted on ESPN Radio 15 years ago and his wife (see sidebar) watches the simulcast on ESPN2 as she prepares for her teaching job.

“Greeny and Golic are fantastic, a perfect pair who bounce ideas off each other, rarely agreeing, which leads to entertaining and hilarious discussions,” said Evan Vogel, a school principal from Hamilton, Ohio.

After entering multiple times, Vogel had a hard time believing he actually won the random draw sweepstakes which required entrants to submit a “winning word” as mentioned on Mike & Mike.

“I didn’t think it was real until I received the email with confirmation materials. When I finally understood what had happened, I was giddy,” he said.

The eight winners were divided into two teams. The Vogels are part of Team Golic; the itinerary includes paddleboarding, massages and lunch with Mike Golic. Team Greeny will enjoy a private golf lesson, a round of golf, spa treatments and lunch with Mike Greenberg.

“I’m looking forward to hanging with Team Golic; just by being on my team, you are already manlier than Greeny,” Golic said.

Greenberg said: “This contest was great fun and we are thrilled to provide what we hope will be great memories for our new friends.”

After their respective adventures, the winners and guests will then head for AmericanAirlines Arena this afternoon to meet television commentators Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson before enjoying tonight’s game (ABC, WatchESPN and ESPN Radio, 9 p.m.) with Greenberg and Golic.

“The theatre of a live NBA Finals game should be an experience of a lifetime,” said Vogel. “Paddleboarding as part of Team Golic will be a close second.”

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